Historic Images of Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya (tea country) Kandy in 1955


No Sound
Producer: Watson Kintner
Audio/Visual: silent, color
Date: 1955
Copyright:University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Films
1955: Reel 10: Ceylon, July 29-August 2. Nuwara Eliya (tea country). Kandy.

Picking tea leaves; several views.
Tea factory.
Roadside scene, clouds drifting in.
Distant view of landscape.
Garden and flowers at Nuwara Eliya.
More tea country.
Street scene. (Kandy)
Elephants and cars. (Note: baby elephant)
Fragile aqueduct.
Cornfield. Street scene.
Jeweler at work, [xcu]
Jeweler holding tube with foot, [cu]
Statue over door.
More tea country. (Note: old woman with nose piece and tattoo. )
Several other tea pickers. (Note: rings on toes of one. )
Protruding teeth, [cu]
More tea country.
Donkeys carrying burden.
A water jug. [mws]
Men digging sand from bottom.
More elephants, [mws]
Drummers, decorated elephants (in Day Berakera).
Dancers (in Day Berakera).
Candy for sale.
Ornamental gilded lion, [mws]
A lady juggler, a fakir.
More elephants.
Roasting peanuts in sand and using sieve to retrieve them.
A store,
Sign of headmen of village.
Rubber plantation.
Collection the “milk” from rubber trees.
Rubber sheets, people in road.
A plant-covered shrine, [ws]
Several pictures of digging a well. ( passing dirt in baskets)
Perahera people, several views, (near Minipe )
Tribal people at Minipe (Perahera)
A building using ropes to hold thatch in place.
Brick kiln.
Terrace and contour farming.
Two priests on road.

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