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Veddahs of Ceylon (Wild Men or Yakkas)

Veddahs of Ceylon

Veddahs of Ceylon #IMG572

VEDDAHS, or Weddahs (from Sanskrit veddha, ” hunter”), primitive people of Ceylon, probably representing the Yakkos or “demons” of Sanskrit writers, the true aborigines of the island. During the Dutch occupation (1644-1796) they were found as far north as Jaffna, but are now confined to the southeastern district, about the wooded Bintenna, Badulla and Nilgala hills, and thence to the coast near Batticaloa. They are divided into two classes, the Kele Weddo or jungle Veddahs, and the Gan Weddo, or semi-civilized village Veddahs.

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Photography: Charles Scowen & Co.

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1. sukraj - January 27, 2011

i want know their actions,cultures,and thoughts

2. amal - January 28, 2011

To learn more about Veddas visit

3. Manoj - August 14, 2012

What a feeling it was.
Great moments ..
Innocent natives..

Really enjoyed your photos.

Thanks team LANKAPURA.

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