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The Honorable I.M.R.A Iriyagolle, Politician 1965–1970

Honourable I.M.R.A Iriyagolle, Cabinet Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs 1965–1970

Honorable I.M.R.A Iriyagolle, Cabinet Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs 1965–1970

Mr. Iriyagolla, Ceylon politician 1965–1970. Photo taken on 20th Aug 1968

I.M.R.A Iriyagolle was born to a privilege family in Iriyagolle in Katugampola, and he was educated at Katugampola Village School, Ananda College & Nalanda College Colombo.

He has been an outstanding student and he has worked in many fields such as Police Department, as a journalist and editor of a Sinhala Newspaper. In 1947, Iriyagolle contested Dandagamuwa electrorate and entered parliament as an Independent candidate. In 1956 when the late S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike formed the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna (UNP) he was one of the signatories. In 1960 he joined United National Party and was appointed as Cabinet Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs by Dudley Senanayake when UNP won elections in 1965.

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1. SUSANTA GHOSH - June 28, 2016

Very good

2. I.M.R.C Iriyagolle - February 6, 2021

For your kind attention. Mr I.M.R.A Iriyagolle first entered the parliament of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) as an elected member in 1947, his political career started in the 1940s, not 1965.

With kind regards
Dr I. M.R.C Iriyagolle(Daughter)

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