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Every Picture Tells a Story! Lankapura photo archive featuring an extensive collection of historical photographs of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), photographs dating from the early 1850s to the Late 1970s. Join us to build the largest Sri Lankan vintage image collection & Enjoy!

St. Joseph’s College, Colombo

St. Joseph's College, Colombo

St. Joseph's College, Colombo c.1890-1900

St. Joseph’s College is a Catholic educational institution in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was established in 1896 by French missionaries, with Rev Christopher Ernst Bonjean. Read more…

Lady Havelock Hospital, Colombo c.1910

Lady Havelock Hospital 1911

Photograph showing the Lady Havelock Hospital around 1910

Established in 1895 as the Lady Havelock Hospital for Women and Children, it was christened the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children in 1910. Read more…

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Kadugannawa Station Early 1900s

Kadugannawa Station

Kadugannawa Station, Sri Lanka Early 1900s

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Maligakande Temple, Colombo Early 1900s

Maligakande Temple, Colombo

Maligakande Temple, Colombo 1910 - 1920s

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Antique VOC map of Jaffna

Antique map of Jaffnapatnam

Antique Map of Dutch Fort of Jaffna Patnam, Sri Lanka

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