v.10 So Sound

Producer: Watson Kintner
Audio/Visual: silent, color
1955: Reel 7: Ceylon. July 17-23. Negoma. Colombo. Chilaw.

Food cart.
Outrigger boats (many details; note: width of boat at top).
Nets drying.
Boat under heavy sail.
A captive snake and charmer. [cu–hooded cobra]
Rope making, (note holes in board for strands; as they go through, forms a single rope from several strands. )
House with wood carving, [mws]
Thatch store.
Boats along canal or river.
Hindu celebration in Colombo (note skin punctures and needles)
Ritual assistant.
Metal pieces dangling from skin of chest, [cu]
Shrine, [cu]
Buddhist shrine and temple.
Offerings, monks.
Chicken in cage on bicycle.
Large pulley-driven lathe.
Husking coconuts, (in Chilaw)
Coil operations.
Load of straw.
A well with derrick.
Scenes on coconut plantation.
Note: rope connection trees on which man walks, (coconut plantation)
Fishing in rice paddy, using inverted baskets.
Road scenes.
Coconut factory.
Wheel pottery, hand powered.
Boats coming in at shore.
Man dragging fish from boats to shore, [mws]
Hindu temple in Colombo: details.
Tile making.
Thatch-covered kiln.
Launching a boat the hard way.
Landing a boat.
Boat; laundry being washed.
Woman with ear and nose rings, [cu]
Zoo. [dark]
Baboon (?) with red “fanny”.
Metal working.
Musical instruments.

2 thoughts on “Negombo, Colombo, Chilaw 1955 Video”

  1. The celebration described as ‘Buddhist celebration in Colombo’ in this video is a Hindu celebration. Also, the “Temple in Colombo: details.” should be ‘Hindu temple’ or it may be confusing for people. Thanks for this video.

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