v.11 No Sound

Producer: Watson Kintner
Audio/Visual: silent, color
Date: 1955
Copyright University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum)

1955: Reel 8: Ceylon. July 23-25. Kandy. Botanical Garden. Road to Road to Ratnapura.

Sensitive plant; see how petals close when touched.
Royal palm avenue.
Base of royal palms –bottle shaped.
Parasite tree (Fincus) around oil palm.
Top view; palms emerging from parasite tree; palm does not die.
Wormia, yellow-white conical center.
Cottage Rim Avenue.
Cattleya Adendie-Brazil-dark pink.
Butterfly orchid.
Rendrobium- May Queen purple.
Star Orchid-Ceylon- Pink white, yellow center.
Lady Slipper. Yellow. Two stamens, red at base.
Poison creeper. Gloria ossia.
Spider orchid-red, 5 petals. Center yellow with two dark spots which makes it look like a spider.
Light purple, dark pink lower tongue, yellow center. Miss Joaquin.
Scorpion orchid, yellow and red.
Green orchid, 18″.
Rendrobium Moschantum. Yellow cup center, dark red inside.
Ground orchid, 5 petals, yellow with dark specks.
Bamboo orchid, leaves like bamboo, deep purple, lower lip, touch of yellow.
Dragon orchid, 5 petals, brown and yellow.
Light yellow, 5 petals, slightly tangential striped red center, no common name: Odontandenia speciosai –South America.
Ground orchid, pink, five petals.
Balsam orchid, clump, long needles, pink.
Balsam orchid–distant view.
Donkey head. Long green leaf.
Velvet-leaf, white streaks, green.
General view of walk.
Monkey tail.
Hanging red flower. Queen of the flowers, Lady Amherst.
General view; Christmas tree and general picture. (Note: in Botanical Garden from 8:40-12:45)
Elephants carrying logs.
Elephants bathing and getting scrubbed.
Trimming nails .(Note: end of trunk, just projection above water level. )
Scenes on way to Anuradhapura, (Note: framework of building, two other houses, termite hill. )
Digging a well. (Note: shade protection above crank operator,)

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