Ceylon & Asia 1940 Video

v.4 No Sound

Date: 1940
Producer: Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon
Audio/Visual: silent, color
Locations:Gripsholm Cruise 1940
Ceylon (Sri Lanka)Elephants, mahouts. Kandy.
Anuradhapura ruins, 4th century BCE
Polonnaruwa, Buddhist temple ruins.
Seychelles; Praslin Island
Funerary rites in Bali

5 thoughts on “Ceylon & Asia 1940 Video

  1. What a great job! well done. Keep up all the good work. I really enjoyed all the photos and videos. Thank you for your unique effort.

  2. web editer of LANKAPURA
    I really admire your work.but are you sure this vedio is SRI LANKA?it may be half way through but what about the rest
    when prince Vijaya came to Sri Lanka Kuveni was weaving cotton!!!!!!!!!!!Sri Lankans are great people with high dignity and Honour.

  3. Wonderful job. You are bringing great memories to all Sri Lankans who really love this country. I have some copies of some old paintings. I will scan them and post them. Keep up the excellent work.

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