Diyatalawa Camp, Ceylon

Diyatalawa Camp Ceylon
Diyatalawa military base and Training facilities, Ceylon. Coloured image #IMG73

Date: 1910 – 1920’s
Photographer/Publisher: The Colombo Apothecaries
Location: Diyatalawa, Sri Lanka.
Boer war prison camp Diyatalawa, Sri Lanka (ceylon)

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Looking for Boer war prisoner information?

“Anyone looking for details of their relatives who were Prisoners of War in a Ceylon Boer POW Camp please contact Robin A Woodruff on who will try to assist.”

94 thoughts on “Diyatalawa Camp, Ceylon

  1. My great grandfather was POW Ceylon 1902. We have a knife that was carved out 1902 Ceylon. His surname was either Giovanni or Gianni . We are not sure which one is his name or surname.

  2. Elria Wessels, Robin Woodruff or any other person, I hope you can help.

    I’m looking for names and or information on all escapees of Second Anglo Boer POWs on the Bermuda Islands.

    I’m also seeking Bermuda information during the same timeframe about the following persons:

    – Nicolaas du Toit, (no dates, from where or other info). Were there more than one?

    – Nicklaas du Toit from Kalahari (no dates, or other info). Were there more than one?

    – Johannes Jakobus Stapelberg from Volksrust. (no dates, or other info). Were there more than one?

    I shall appreciate any help


  3. My grand father was in the main camp in Ceylon. 1900 – 1902
    he was from Doornhoek West, Winburg.

  4. I would like to find out where I can find a list of all the Steyn prisoners that were sent to Diyatalawa in Ceylon as also the name of the Steyn pprisoners who died there and were buried there?

  5. Do you have any info about my great grandfather Daniel Sarel van Aswegen? He was in the Diyatalawa camp and his prisoner number was 9417.

  6. I went to the camp as an army cadet in 1973/74 period. Can’t recall much but it was a great time. Especially the long walk with just a map and a compas

  7. Hi , my great grandfather Solomon Gillingham was a POW. Any information would be gladly appreciated. Many thanks

  8. Hi. William Hallatt was held prisoner in Ceylon. I have a ring which he made from a shilling with the date carved out on the inside. He was my great, great grandfather. My name is Samuel Hallatt.

  9. My great grandfather was at Diyatalawa camp. If you have any information i’ll appreciate it. Did send you and e-mail.

    Name: Johannes Jacobus Lombard, born 1880 Utrecht and died 1918 Dundee , South Africa.
    Yves Lombard

  10. Solomon Gillingham
    We have a paper knife carved by him as a POW and given to Herbert Wright with complimentS.
    Towneley Hall museum, Burnley, Lancashire

  11. Can you please assist me with information of Gert FRederick Dirk Geringer. His birthday was 1865-01-07
    He died in the Diyatalawa Camp at Ceylon on july 1902

    Thank you
    Niek Kleynhans

  12. My great grandfather was at Diyatalawa camp, His name was Isaac Gerhardus Jacobus Van Aswegen, prisoner number 165.


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