Sacred Tooth Relics of Lord Buddha.

The Tooth of Buddha_ Kandy 1920 - Ceylon.jpg
The Tooth of Buddha, Kandy 1920 - Ceylon #IMG76

The tooth relic was brought to Sri Lanka in the 4th century AD from India and as a most sacred object was moved from capital to capital by successive kings until finally enshrined in Kandy by Vimaladharmasuriya (ruled 1592-1604).
The sacred relic is carried in a casket on the back of an elephant during the procession of the Festival of the August Moon, accompanied by traditional dancers and chieftains wearing the dress and regalia of the Kandyan Kings.

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7 thoughts on “Sacred Tooth Relics of Lord Buddha.

  1. I think dis website is a great website, 4 research students like us. Hope u’d be able develop it more and feed more information on history of Srilanka plus ancient photos of it. Wish u all the best!

    Grade 10

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am very very thankful to you,because of your site I
    can see the ralics of Lord Buddha , I am extremly thankful to you, Pls If you have any other pictures of Lord buddha relics in high resolution please send at my email, I shall be very thankful to you,,,,Once again very very thankyou for the site,,,,

  3. Dear sir,

    I feel very peaceful to see the photo of Tooth relic.
    If you have seven gold caskets photo one by one,
    please send my email.In my knowledge gold casket
    presented by Burmese in 1899.Now a day, It’s difference or not.
    Thanks and waiting to your kindness.

    Mr.Kyaw Dunn

  4. Lovely sir,

    So delighted to see BUDDHA TOOTH RELIC.
    I wish to you to show more photos of the TOOTH RELIC in great SRI DALADA MALIGAWA temple.
    Could you please send these photos of relic.
    Thank you.

    Burma (myanmar)

  5. It’s very delightful to see and pay-homage the Tooth-relic of the Buddha. I never expect to see it even as a picture though I’ve been in Sri Lanka for a long time, yet it is very fortunate of me to find out the picture of Buddha’s tooth. I feel satisfied enough ever since in SL.

  6. Hello Sir,
    This relic was also brought to a Monastary at Rangapani, near Siliguri, West Bengal, India but i could not remember the exact date so can you please send me some information and some photographs of that great moment.. ??
    Thank You

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