No Sound – First Half in Java (Indonesia) & second half in Sri Lanka.
Producer: Watson Kintner
Audio/Visual: silent, color
Copyright: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Films

1955: Reel 6: Java-Ceylon. July 9-17. Semarang. Ceylon. Colombo. Galle. Ratnapura. Negorna.
Street scene, Semarang.
Boys fishing in canal.
Laundry in canal.
Tied up crabs, note: hat.
Wooden milk cans ( ? ).
Carpenter’s shop.
Shore scenes from pier.
Large umbrella-shaped net for fish.
Portuguese man-of-war, propelling itself, (cu)
Squid net.
Water scenes.
Dentist’s chair.
Water jar. [mws]
Market and street scenes.
Street signs.
Funeral procession
Private toilets along canal.
Preparing food.
Scenes on rubber plantation: collecting “milk”, [over-exposed]
Making reed mat.
Latex milk.
High chicken coop with rope ladder.
Collection small oysters along shore.
Weaving machine.
A boat “caulked” with fiber at seams, [mws and cu]
Water wagon.
Street scene.
Coconut drying.
Woman weaving palm leaves into mat.
Chicken coop between two trees and “ladder”, [mws]
Beating coconut fiber.
Rope making; several scenes, [all women]
Shoeing a bullock.
Two monks in yellow robes.
Water scenes.
Cord burning (“for lime”?)
Two elephants along road.
Ferry boat. Market.
Gem pits at Ratnapura.
Earth dug up, put in baskets and washed in stream.
Stones or gems counted on bank by “owner”, (note: weaving in basket bottom)
Worker. [ws]
Gems in hand.
Polishing gems, using lathe, [mws and cu]
Animal along road (alligator?).
Bread fruit- -Negoma.
Bundle of flowers.
Revolving oil press (with a rotating roof).
Meat market.
Liquor store.
Pottery making using paddle and stone.
Boat scenes at fishing village

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