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Pettah Street Scene, Colombo


Pettah Street Scene, Colombo Ceylon c.1880 #037

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Pettah Street Scene, Colombo c.1880 037b

Pettah Street Scene, Colombo c.1880 #037b

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1. Mr.Osman Ondes - March 11, 2015

Dear Sir,
I am maritime historian/writer. A Turkish frigate in 1889 “Ertugru Frigate” while sailing to Japan called even to Port of Colombo.
This ship unfortunately on return sailing agrounded near to Oshima Lighthouse and sunk wth 593 sailors and most of then drowned.
Your website has very bright and excelent pictures of Port of Colombo which I wish you congratulate.
Hwever may I ask possibility any record about Ertugrul Frigate and its pictures at Port of Colombo?

With my best wishes

Capt.Osman Ondes

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