Temple over the Sacred Footprint

Temple on Adams Peak - Ceylon c_1909.jpg
Temple over the Sacred Footprint on the summit of Adam's Peak, Ceylon #IMG78

Date: 1909
Photographer/Publisher: Unknown
Location: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

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The mountain of the Holy Footprint or Sri Pada is the second highest peak in the country at 7352 ft and is located in the Ratnapura district. It has been a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years for Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus as it is believed that Buddha, Adam or Shiva left his footprint on the mountain-top.

3 thoughts on “Temple over the Sacred Footprint

  1. I climbed the stairs to the temple. I remember throwing a coconut on a flat stone as sacrifice to the Buddha, but nowhere do I read about this. Does anybody know from this custom? Did anyone go to the top and did the cocnut throw?
    Please let me know, I want to remember as much as possible, I am writing my travel history,
    thanks in advance,

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