Sensation Rock, Kadugannawa Incline 1910

Train on Railroad Incline 1910 - Kadugannawa_ Ceylon.jpg
Sensation Rock, Kadugannawa Railroad Incline 1910 - Kadugannawa, Ceylon #IMG53

Colombo to Kandy Railway in Ceylon early 1900s<br />
Colombo to Kandy Railway in Ceylon early 1910 #IMG53b

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Colombo to Kandy Railway in Ceylon early 1910
Photographer: Plâté Ltd, A.W.A.
Medium: Photographic print
Date: 1910

Photograph of the railway from Colombo to Kandy in Sri Lanka taken by A.W.A. Plate & Co., in 1910.

The first railway in Sri Lanka was the railway from Colombo to Kandy which was constructed as an essential requirement to transport the coffee from the plantations that had been developed in the virgin territories of the interior highlands. The line posed several problems for the engineers with several tunnels and bridges along the hilly route shadowed by overhanging rocks, and was a feat of technical accomplishment, completed by 1867. The type of scenery seen on the journey was described by T.H.Holdich in the Imperial Gazeteer of India, ‘No measured language can express the beauties of Ceylon scenery. From Colombo to Kandy, where a lake set in the hills reflects the visions of palms and temples, and the many-coloured array of native buildings below the long slopes of the shadowing mountains…’

source: The British Library Board

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