Typical Road Scene – Group of Natives

Group of Natives, Sri Lanka
Group of Natives, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) #IMG119

Group of Natives, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

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3 thoughts on “Typical Road Scene – Group of Natives

  1. i am udunuwara uruladaniya koralalage sanjeev perera. i went to udunuwara but there is no uruladaniya , only urulawatta is there. we have come to colombo about 300 years back. please help me to trace my roots thanks

  2. @ Sanjeev Perera

    I am our relative. I am also doing genealogy and trying to trace this lineage. Some of the relatives i have been able to talk to say Urulawatte is the place. Am trying to trace this.
    Frank Perera, another relatives of you and i went to Urulawatte….same kind of journey you took. He came up with the same result. But, as i tracked down people (who were told to me by other people) who are from this lineage, they told me of others that had this ‘Uruladeni/iya Koralage/koralalage’ name attached to theirs. Eg. UUK Kulathunga family from Gampola (Maybe it is their maternal lineage?). Would love to speak to others that have the same UUK ge name ….so that we can gather more info.

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