General Hospital, Colombo, Ceylon

General Hospital Colombo Ceylon
General Hospital, Colombo, Ceylon Early 1900s #IMG202

Address & Phone Number:
Colombo General Hospital
Ward Place, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 269 1111

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Photography/Publisher: ??
Date/Era: Early 1900s
Medium: Coloured Photograph

3 thoughts on “General Hospital, Colombo, Ceylon

  1. Dear Sir,
    This is Amjad Baloch, an Ophthalmic technician, working at Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital, Isra Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology, Malir, Karachi, Pakistan.
    I am very eager to work at your institute/hospital in Sri Lanka, given my vast experience at various international eye camps through Sub-Sahara African and Asian countries,iam want a job.

  2. I was born in this hospital when it was still named Private General Hospital and was located at 75 Kynsey Road. Nice to see this picture as it used to be.

  3. Dear MR/MRS
    A friend of mine Upul da Silva had an accident and told me that he is in your hospital
    Where can I get some information about his health?
    is it possible to contact a doctor who is treating Upul

    Thank you for your efforts

    Dr med Juergen Eichmueller

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