Old Fort Lighthouse Clock Tower Colombo Ceylon c.1910

Old Fort Lighthouse Clock Tower
Old Fort Lighthouse Clock Tower #IMG240

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Old Fort Lighthouse Clock Tower Colombo Ceylon c.1910

Old Colombo Lighthouse is a Lighthouse in Colombo in Sri Lanka. It is not operational any more, but functions as a clock tower and is designated as a monument. It is located at the junction of Chatham Street and Janadhipathi Mawatha (formally Queens road) in Colobmo fort.

This tower was first established as a clock tower in 1860, the lantern was apparently added in 1860. The original clock (made by the same manufacturer as “Big Ben”) was replaced in 1913. The light was eventually blocked by tall buildings and was replaced (deactivated in 1952) by the new Colombo Lighthouse at Galbokka Point.

1860 (station established 1829). Inactive since 1952. 29 m (95 ft) square cylindrical brick tower with lantern and gallery is the only lighthouse in the world which also tells the time in the middle of the busy road.

5 thoughts on “Old Fort Lighthouse Clock Tower Colombo Ceylon c.1910

  1. Hi, my great great grandfather John Fleming Churchill built the clock tower as assistant director of public works (he then became director of public works). he retired from the department on 4th Oct 1885.

    I am coming to visit in March 2010 from the UK and would be very interested in visiting the clock tower and in any information that you may be able to give me. Thank you,


  2. Hi jane your great gggrandfather and my ggggrand uncle were close friends and also in the same societys, i would really love to chat with you as my family is also from ceylon and scotland and england. you can contact me at isaac_stewart_@hotmail.com or you can phone me at 1 250 745 8130 in canada cheers.

  3. Hi Jane. I just discovered that your gg grandfather proposed my gg uncle Sir Charles Henry Stewart as a member of the Royal Colonial Institute back in 1888.


  4. Would any one know whether e v Lucas wrote about this lighthouse clock , Chatham st,fort Colombo Ceylon in any of his travel essays or in his books

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