Electric Tramways on Main Street Colombo Ceylon Early 1900s

Main Street Pettah Colombo
Main Street Pettah, Colombo, Sri Lanka IMG0232

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Pear-shaped Ceylon, separated from India by narrow stretch of water, and its population 3,600,000 [Year 1900-1907]. Seventy-five per cent. of the people are Cingalese, and their language a dialect harking back to Sanskrit. The Cingalese are mostly Buddhists, with a sprinkling of Roman Catholics, the latter religion having been left in the land by its one-time Portuguese rulers. The Tamils, numbering a million, are not native to the island, like the Cingalese, but have come from southern India as laborers on coffee and tea estates; they are chiefly Hindus, although thousands have been converted to the Christian faith. The Mohammedan Moormen, living on the coast, approximate a quarter of a million in number.
from EAST OF SUEZ – CEYLON, INDIA, CHINA AND JAPAN By Frederic Courtland Penfield 1907

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