The road under the Banyan Fork, Galle Road, Kalutara 1890?s

Old Banyan Tree Crossing Kalutara Road
Old Banyan Tree Crossing Galle Road, Kalutara, Ceylon 1890's #IMG272

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Banyan tree at Kalutara
Banyan tree at Kalutara c.1870-1880 #IMG272b

Picturesque old Old Banyan Tree on the Colombo Galle Road, near Kalutara.

At the southernmost end of Kalutara village a magnificent Banyan-tree grows across the high-road like a triumphal arch. The aerial roots of this huge tree have taken hold on the soil on the opposite side of the road and grown to be large trunks, and these and the main trunk form a lofty Gothic vault, which is all the more striking because a number of parasitic ferns, orchids, wild vines, and other parasitic plants have over grown the sterns.

5 thoughts on “The road under the Banyan Fork, Galle Road, Kalutara 1890?s

    1. This was broken naturally. I remember my elder brothers went to see the incident 1950 decade.

  1. Me too, I remember this tree so well and being thrilled to drive thru’ it. Also had the pleasure of being driven in a’ luxury’ hakkery with brass and blinds to keep off the sun and rain. Even had steps to climb up etc. It was the Galle convent taxi in 1949!! What a peaceful life we had then after WW2. How blessed we were to have been spared it’s horrors. Thanks to the Allied Forces including all he Commonwealth Forces too. It was cut long before the Tsunami, Ian.

  2. Are also lucky enough to have purchased two antique prints of Lanka & India. drawn & engraved by J.Rapkin with illustrations which are my treasured possessions.

  3. My father was stationed as ASP Kalutara District in the early 1950s; as a kid the tree always gave me a thrill to drive through its arch our way south. Regrettably, the tree is no longer. All very sad what “progress” has done to ancient landmarks the world over….

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