Gangwarily tea Estate, Ceylon

Gangwarily tea Estate, Ceylon
Gangwarily tea Estate, Ceylon #IMG484

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Date range: 1880 – 1890

6 thoughts on “Gangwarily tea Estate, Ceylon

  1. I remember this estate in the 1960s.It could be approached from Bulathkohupitiya via difficult paths, but I believe access was from Dolosbage. The road from Bulathkohupitiya ended at Undugoda, but I understand that the road has now been extended. My father was a planter on Ugieside Estate,Undugoda under Gordon Frazer & that time.

  2. I was born in Gangwarily in 1935. My father worked
    as a factory officer and the person in charge of the
    estate was Mr. Edward W. Bedford, who I think, owned the property. I may have been about 5 years old when when we left that estate. The recollection I have, there were no motorable roads
    then. We had to walk to Dolosbage which was the postal address and Dedugalawas the closest.
    Mr. Bedford used to visit the estate from Onankande on foot. I heard that
    later he resided on Gangwarily itself and that his
    son John was living there. I am very keen to visit
    that place and I am wondering whether it is motorable now and if so, which is the easiest way from Colombo. I intend visiting Sri Lanka very soon
    and it will be nice to see the house/place where I was born.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.


  3. my father worked in this estate during 50-65 he built road up to the tea factory.this was done by providing tea and bread for the work force by mr Bedford, now it hos been extended from dedugla to dolasbage

  4. my father was the tea maker in 1950 – 1966 and managing with Mr E W Bedford i thing he had two children john and marey for mukie during that time he built road to the tea factory then he left gangwarily p.nadarajah

  5. Being interested in Genealogy as a Planter’s daughter with a gt gt grandfather who was the 1st successful sugar Pioneering Planter in the island, I am naturally interested in the History of these enterprises and was amazed to note that Ugieside Estate , Undugoda had once been owned by Mr William Gray, and managed for James Gray & the heirs of William Gray by Mr William Murray, whose father also William Murray was a Coffee planter . This info. came from a book 20th century Impressions of Ceylon published in 1907 so I guess William Murray was managing this Estate around about that time aged 38 yrs .Even then the shipping agents were Gordon Frazer & Co !! I have heard of Mr William Gray, a planter and know his descendants and also of a Murray family. This estate was planted up with tea and a small acreage of Rubber and other statistics are given. Mr Murray also managed Kalupane Estate.

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