McLaughlin’s XXXX Coffee trade card – Native Ceylon warship

Antique 1880's Victorian trade card with Native Ceylon Warship, McLaughlin's Coffee, USA
Victorian trade card with "Native Ceylon Warship", McLaughlin's Coffee, USA c.1880s #IMG497

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Text on Back of the trading card…….

The coast, of the Island of Ceylon is washed by such tremendous surf that a boat of ordinary con¬struction is unable to land, except in its few protected harbors. Before the occupation of the island by Europeans, it was governed by several chiefs who invaded their neighbors’ territory by means of boats constructed on the catamaran principle, as shown on the opposite side of this card. They were very swift; from their peculiar construction could ride safely through the heaviest surf, and under full sail would land their crew high and dry on the beach.

This card is one of a series of 15, showing the peculiar war ships of the world. Any one sending us the fronts of fifteen wrappers of the XXXX Coffee, and a TWO-CENT STAMP to pay postage, will be mailed a beautifully colored picture of the “Battle of the Monitor and Merrimac.” This picture is 16 inches high and 20 inches long, without any printing on it, and will be an ornament in any parlor. Wrappers must be sent before February 1st, 1890.
The glazing on McLaughlin’s XXXX Coffee does the settling and is made of corn starch and re-clarified sugar—therefore, per-fectly healthful. The glazing seals the pores of the coffee and prevents the oil from evaporating. This costs us 1/4 of a cent a pound, but saves the consumer ten times that amount. We buy all our XXXX Coffee-from the Brazilian planters, direct, thereby saving the Importers, jobbers and commission men’s profits. The immense success of XXXX Coffee proves that our policy of giving the consumer the cheapest coffee for the money and selling an immense quantity, is the best.


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