Thonigala Stone Inscription Sri Lanka

Thonigala Stone Inscription Sri Lanka
Thonigala Stone Inscription Sri Lanka #IMG701

The rock known as Thonigala, is in Anamaduwa, about two kilometres from town, on the Puttalam road located in the North Central Area of Sri Lanka. These inscriptions date back to the first century BC to the reign of Mahachuli Maha Tissa, who reigned from 50 BC to 47 BC. The king was the son of King Walagamba, who reigned from 89 BC to 77 BC. (4 A.D. – 5 A.D.)

Among these, there are several inscriptions of kings of in the days of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa kingdoms. This Thonigala stone inscription on which speaks of a grant made to a Buddhist Monastery is a remarkable instance of the origin of the Sinhalese language and the art of writing thousands of years ago.

Today the villagers in the area in order to protect and preserve the rock from cracking up and decaying owing to the excessively hot weather conditions have covered this inscription with soil.

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