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The Destruction of Tropical Forests in Sri Lanka

Destruction of Tropical Forests in Sri Lanka

The Destruction of Tropical Forests in Sri Lanka c.1880 #IMG770

Hills once covered with natural forest and vegetation teaming with wildlife were cut down to make way for vast Tea Plantations.

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When the British took over the island in the early in the early 19th century it is likely that Sri Lanka’s forest cover probably was as high as 90%. Starting in the 1830s the British cleared large tracts of forest mostly in the hilly central region forest for cinchona and coffee and later for tea and rubber plantations. In the 1880s after the British had spent fifty years clearing jungle for plantations the forest cover was estimated to be around 80%. By the time the Births left the island in 1948 the forest cover was down to about 54% to 50%. (source: Sri Lanka’s Forest Cover: What We Know and What we Don’t By Ram Alagan)

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1. TV Guide - February 14, 2011

British stole people’s land to plant tea, cutting down the forests & planted Indian workers too. We lost everything as British happily escaped leaving the time bomb behind.

2. K.I.Senevirathna - June 10, 2011

In modern world we cant occupy like british what did in ancent sri lanka.i meen 18 th century.In today why we cant find the legal system aganst for the colanisation?

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