1959 Tetley Advertising Trincomalee Wharf Sri Lanka

Tetley Tea Taster Trincomalee Ceylon Wharf
Magazine advertising: Tetley's Tea Taster Trincomalee Wharf , Sri Lanka 1959 #IMG766a

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Magazine advertisement published in 1959

The Tetley Tea Taster goes where tiny tea leaves grow!
Albert Dimes, the Tetley Tea Taster, is a man who not compromise. “Mr. Tea” prefers to taste tea right where it is grown. Here you see him at a wharf in Trincomalee, Ceylon. The chests of tea you see are Dimes’ own pride and joy. They represent weeks of painstaking labor in the finest gardens in Ceylon. Each chest is brimful of tiny tea leaves.

Dimes has carefully tasted each tea because he will use only the tiny leaves that grow at the top of the tea plant in Tetley Tea bags.
That swift freighter will bring this tea to the United States. There Dimes will blend in with fine teas from other countries. Teas from more than twenty-two plantations are in every Tetley Tea bag.

The Sinhalese gentleman who is guarding Dimes from the noon-day sun is doing it with pride. Mr. Dimes is a man of great importance. He makes Tetley the most satisfying tea in the world.

1960 Tetley Advertising
1960 Magazine Advertising by Tetley #IMG766b

Magazine advertisement published in 1960

Only the tiny tea leaves will do for Mr. Tea

Here you see Albert Dimes, the Tetley Tea Taster. He is knee-deep in a tea plantation high in the mountains of Ceylon.He is explaining to the Singhalese girl that he wants her to pluck only the tiny leaves from the top of the plant for his Tetley Tea bags.

It takes more than 3200 of these precious little shoots to make a single pound of Tetley Tea. What’s more, teas from more than twenty two different plantations are blended in every Tetley Tea bag.

Mr. Dimes would save lots of money if he’d settle for the medium or coarse lower leaves, but Dimes is adamant. He knows that only the tiny leaves from the top of the plant will give Tetley Tea the satisfying flavor he demands. By kind providence these tiny tea leaves are ideal for tea bags.
Try one satisfying cup of tea made with a Tetley Tea bag.You’ll be glad Mr. Dimes has made tiny tea leaves his labor of love.

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