Police stations & officers, Ceylon c.1930-40s

group of police men ceylon
A group of police offices Ceylon c.1930-1940s #IMG777

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sri lanka police 1940s
group of police men ceylon
Group of police men Ceylon
group of police men sri lanka
Group of police men Sri lanka
Police play drama at kandy
Drama at Kandy
police games
yatiyantota police station
Yatiyantota police station
sri lanka police early 1900s
Police early 1900s

Photographs submitted by Ranil Ruwanpathirane to pay tribute to his grand farther, former Police Sgt. of SLPD late Mr Dhar.

7 thoughts on “Police stations & officers, Ceylon c.1930-40s

  1. I am interested in old police records and photographs. If you have a collection from your readers that I can publish for a article I am doing I would like to hear from you or your readers and would like your permission to re-produce.

  2. I would like to here from anyone with pictures or information on my Grandfather Cyril Felsinger, he was in the Ceylon Police force1904 Brian,

  3. mata police aramba karapu dine

    eke kotas monawada, kiyakata wen wela thiyanwda

    arambaye kauda police pathi kiyana ekai

    e yatathe kiyak wada karada kiyana ekai

    kohenda meka essellama patan gatte

    me vithara tika kiynnko project ekakta


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