Polonnaruwa Rest House Sri Lanka 1920s

Polonnaruwa Rest House 1927
Polonnaruwa Rest House 1920-1925 Photograph by Plate #IMG787

Built in the 1870’s as a circuit Bungalow for British Government Agents (GA), with the first British GA occupant being with Mr. W. Harington, the Polonnaruwa Rest House was carefully refurbished in the style of the early 1950’s, whilst retaining its colonial charm, after been taken over by the then Ceylon Tourist Bureau in 1954 and thereafter by Ceylon Hotels Corporation in 1968.

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Seamlessly blending the power of nature, the Polonnaruwa Rest House offers a breath-taking and panoramic view of Sri Lanka’s largest man made lake “Parakrama Samudraya” from many of its simple, yet tastefully designed 09 rooms and very own “Queen’s Suite”- built in 1954 to mark the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Sri Lanka. All rooms and suites are fully air-conditioned and furnished with TV and mini-bar.

The Rest House has also becomes an ideal location for boating and fishing or a break in journey before driving on to Kandy. A drive to the east will take you to the hot & cold springs of Maduru Oya, and to the west side of the Minneriya Tank. Wild life enthusiasts can make a visit to the Wasgamuwa National Park, south of the Rest House. -Ceylon Hotel Corporation-

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