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Compound of a bungalow, Ceylon, Sri Lanka

Head-man's house at Minary in Sri Lanka

Compound of a bungalow, Ceylon #IMG323

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Compound of a bungalow, Ceylon.
Photographer: Fiebig, Frederick
Medium: Photographic print (handcoloured salt prints)
Date: 1852

Compound of a bungalow in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

Frederick Fiebig a German, was active in Calcutta as an artist and lithographer in the 1840s. His photographs of Ceylon, probably taken in 1852, are considered the earliest surviving photographic record of the island.

The British gained control of Sri Lanka towards the end of the 18th century. Their economic prosperity and political power gave them the means to develop the towns and lay out new suburbs. Large bungalows set in spacious gardens became commonplace. 

The bungalow developed in India by the mixing of the Bengali hut or ‘bangla’ with European classical elements and adapting this structure for a variety of purposes for the British community.

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