Early Map of Ceylon, Taprobana.

Early Map of Ceylon, Taprobana #IMG164

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3 thoughts on “Early Map of Ceylon, Taprobana.

  1. Thanks you for this site. Its extremely helpful in teaching our rich history. I would like to request for a good description of the buildings.

    Great work
    Teacher form a leading international school in Colombo

  2. Tprobane,seehela,sivhela,odadeepa,mandadeepa,lankadeepa Ceylon or Sri Lanka underwent so many physical changes in the map very many times due to Tsunami in 2004 and during historical king Kawantissa time. It is evident from artifacts found in the sea in the eastern province that very many Buddhist shrines had gone under sea water due to natural disasters. Hence, the map of Sri Lanka has been reduced to present day view. However, in the same way Helabima history also has been willfully
    altered to suit alien cultures purely because of Buddhism which advocated cause and effect principles, not tolerating the creation of an almighty God. Hence it is the responsibility of every Sri Lanken
    to search, the TRUTH using the development of modern science and technology.

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