Historic Images of Sri Lanka

Travel by cart near Kanthale Tank, Ceylon 1897

Near Kanthale Tank with Natives Ceylon

Near Kanthale Tank with Natives Ceylon #0200

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1. James M Ault - March 10, 2021

I am creating a short video about the life and work of the Rev. Dr. Wesley Ariarajah, who after being mentored by the Rev. D. T. Niles and the Rev. Lynn da Silva, became a pioneer in interfaith dialogue. I filmed a little of his work at Drew Theological School in the US along with a personal interview. In one passage he writes about Lynn da Silva (and his) concern about rectifying the wrongs against Hindus and Buddhist during colonial rule in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), and I’m looking for some images to convey some realities of colonial rule then and have found some that would work (like #0200). This is a labor of love done with no budget and no recompense for me, so I’m wondering whether we could get rights to several of your images for this video. It will be freely available online and will have no commercial value. Thanks for your help with this. James Ault

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