Railway Station at Talawakelle Sri Lanka

Railway Station at Talawakole Ceylan
Railway Station at Talawakelle Ceylan #IMG605

Date: unknown
Location: Talawakelle or Talawakole, Ceylan (Sri lanka)
Publisher: Messageries Maritimes (French)

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One thought on “Railway Station at Talawakelle Sri Lanka

  1. Hi ,
    This are good pictures.
    Im singaporean who never been to sri lanka.
    Im singanese.
    My grand mother and father went to malaya in the late 30s to 40’s.
    I always wanted to see ceylon in the past.
    My suname is kalu Badelge .
    Is that black smith in sri lanka
    Thank You
    Cpt. Richard Mahindapala

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