Silent Movie – No Sound
1955: Reel 12: Ceylon. August 5-16. Colombo. Delhi, India. Kashmir

Colombo–Hindu celebration; bringing out shrine.
Several views of portable shrine.
Views of Hindu temple.
People, decorated priests.
Girl with heavy ear-rings, nose pieces.
Man on stilts. [1 mws, 1 cu]
Parade in antique autos traveling on street. [Sign says: “Mad Caravan”]
Covered wagon with long bamboo sticks.
Various family camp meeting scenes.
Man holding holly die and plunger, possibly used to decorate ‘cake” .
More camp meeting scenes.
A temple at Delhi; interior and exterior, [dark interior]
Kashmir Boats at Srinagar; many Lake Nagin scenes.
Boats on way to market.
Large “houseboat” being poled. Note: walk-ways on side.
Lake scenes.
Weaving a reed mat.
Lake scenes.
Raising water, using weighted pole. (Note: footwork) [1 ws, 1 cu]
Irrigation. Water flowing from pole.
Paddling boats on river.
Lotus flowers.
Lotus flowers, [cu]
Men lifting plank bridge across lake and channel.
Dal lake.
Reflection of cloud in lake.
Modern house: “very nice”.
Raising water using double poles.
Nishat Garden

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